Ash Creek Elementary PBIS and Leadership Teams set a goal for the 2015-2018 school years to reduce absenteeism.  Currently our absenteeism rate at Ash Creek Elementary School is averaging about 20% a year; the State of Oregon would like all schools to have an absenteeism rate at 9% or lower.  We would like to reduce our rate of absenteeism at Ash Creek Elementary by at least 5% a year.  
Missing school at a rate above 10% or more has a negative effect on learning for our students. Absenteeism can keep them from being engaged in school activities and puts them at risk to drop out of school in the future.
On the flip side an absenteeism rate at 9% or less puts our students on a learning trajectory with strong literacy skills, numeracy skills, engaged in extra curricular activities and a positive image of themselves as students. Posite attendance patterns dramatically increases their success in High School and beyond.
We need our staff, students, families and community to make reducing absenteeism our priority. Specifically we want to take action to reduce absenteeism by:
  • Increasing the awareness or our students, families and the community to this pervasive problem
  • Reinforce positive attendance trends for our students, individually and as a school community
  • Intervene and provide supports for chronic absenteeism patterns
  • Work collaboratively across the community at large to establish a culture of strong school attendance

We need to work together to establish a positive school attendance trajectory for all of our students as the foundational piece for their success in school.