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United Student Values of Ash Creek   During the recent election season we endured this fall there was much talk of the current divisions in our nation.  Red states and blue states, urban and rural, Republican and Democrat, young and not so young, men and women, poor and rich, black, white, brown … With all of this  rhetoric from adults on the divisions in our nation it helps me to look forward, specifically by focusing on our children and students.  They can serve as our role models for values that unite us as a community, as a nation, rather than divide us. Let our children, our students be the role models for adults.  They certainly have a stronger immunity to the rigid ideology of us adults.  They demonstrate a greater capacity for working together, respecting each other, accepting each other, and promoting kindness.  They foreign to the idea of dividing each other by Republican, Independent or Democrat, ethnicity, urban or rural, red, blue, black, white, brown,   What we strive to teach our students is also what we can learn from our students;   Responsibility,  be accountable for your actions, your words and how they impact others Commitment, Construct  opinions and listen to the opinions of others, DO THE WORK Integrity, let you actions tell your story of you are and what you are in your community Courage, Think Courageously with both words and actions Perseverance- never stop trying to succeed, show grit, mental toughness, tenacity, adversity, Balance, Read, Write and work with numbers every day, listen to music, play, laugh Respect, Engage with others in the community, work collaboratively , share ideas, listen Kindness, Caring, Compassion, Love,  add a positive element to the community As the Principal of Ash Creek Elementary School I have been reflecting on how to respond to all the negative rhetoric across our country and even in our own community.  At Ash Creek we have a community that is diverse; our students represent every segment of our community.   Our students do not naturally look for ways to divide and separate from each other, to the contrary, they look for opportunities to embrace each other.  They are eager and willing to include each other, work together and support each other in times of challenge. We know that for our students we want to promote these values of inclusion, cooperative learning, commitment, courage, collaboration and problem solving that promotes real learning so that our larger community will have a prognosis of vibrancy.   I believe that our students are the role models for how we  can unite with each other rather than divide. As adults we can learn from them and support them in feeling safe, welcomed, important and loved every day at Ash Creek. Craig Harlow
Posted by charlow  On Nov 21, 2016 at 11:18 AM